Which Yogurts Have Vitamin D? These 17 Yogurt Products Do

You might assume vitamin D is always in yogurt, but it's not. Here's where to find it.


I once assumed that yogurt, like milk, was fortified with vitamin D. (For those of you not caught up on vitamin D mania, it's an essential and possibly disease-preventing nutrient that most nutrition researchers agree we are not getting enough of.) But a commenter on my recent blog post about Greek yogurt versus. regular yogurt asked me to recommend a yogurt containing vitamin D, and I started poking around. It turns out that the vitamin is not found in all, or even most, yogurts. Even within a particular brand of yogurt, some products may have vitamin D while others lack it.

Below are the major national-brand yogurts I found that contain vitamin D. I'm sure there are more, so please add comments to share any you know about. I've included only brands that contain at least 10 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin D per single-serving container. For the sake of brevity, I excluded smoothies and yogurt drinks and, for the sake of aesthetics, yogurt-in-a-toothpaste-tube.

(Size is a 6-ounce cup unless noted.)

  1. Breyer's Creme Savers: 30 percent
  2. Breyer's Light: 20 percent
  3. Breyer's Disney Swirled Lowfat: 20 percent (4 ounces)
  4. Dannon Light & Fit: 20 percent (except for strawberry and mixed berry, with 15 percent)
  5. Stonyfield Farm Fat-Free: 20 percent
  6. Stonyfield Farm YoCalcium: 20 percent
  7. Stonyfield Farm Lowfat: 20 percent
  8. Yoplait Original: 20 percent
  9. Yoplait Light: 20 percent
  10. Yoplait Thick and Creamy: 20 percent
  11. Yoplait Light Thick and Creamy: 20 percent
  12. Stonyfield Farm Fat-Free Probiotic: 15 percent (4 ounces)
  13. Dannon Light & Fit 0%-Plus: 10 percent (4 ounces)
  14. Yoplait Whips: 10 percent (4 ounces)
  15. Yoplait Yo-Plus: 10 percent (4 ounces)
  16. Yoplait Fiber One: 15 percent (4 ounces)
  17. Trix by Yoplait: 10 (4 ounces)
  18. Sources: company websites

    One caveat: This information reflects vitamin D content only and does not mean the yogurt meets other nutritional standards. Watch the sugar and fat content in yogurts. Breyer's Creme Savers, for example, gets more than 60 percent of its calories from sugar.

    I was surprised not to find any Greek yogurts that contain vitamin D. Anyone know of one?

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