Quiz: Which Food Contains the Most Calories?

Product names and labels may give a hint as to the calories in a food, but they can also deceive.

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My story about the suit over VitaminWaters labeling got a lot of comments. A large contingent of people felt that as long as the drink's actual nutrition label is accurate, caveat emptor on the rest of the packaging and name. Others noted that it's natural to expect the packaging and marketing copy to reflect the product's actual nutritional value; that is, if it mentions three kinds of fruit on the front, those fruits should actually show up in the list of ingredients. Wherever you fall on the philosophical spectrum, it's clear that what is obvious to some people (in this case, that VitaminWater, unlike real water, has calories and sugar, and doesn't contain any fruit juice), is not so to others. And that products that may sound healthful or decadent can fool you.

With the help of online calorie database CalorieKing.com and a new book, Eat This, Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide, I put together a quick quiz on the calorie content of some common supermarket foods. While calories aren't everything (and I'll get into other considerations in the answers to the quiz), they are certainly the important factor when it comes to weight loss and maintenance.

  1. Soft drinks (per 12-oz serving):
    1. Breakfast cereal (per cup):
      1. Yogurt (per brand's standard single-serving container):
        1. Pasta sauce (per half-cup):
          1. Ice cream bars (per bar or sandwich):
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