Can I Stop Taking Vytorin Without Bad Side Effects?

Yes, many physicians have switched patients without harm.


Is there a way to stop taking Vytorin without bad side effects? I would like to get off the drug but am worried.

There's no evidence that switching to another regimen is going to cause you harm. Many physicians have successfully switched their patients from Vytorin to other cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Vytorin is a combination of ezetimibe (Zetia) and a statin, simvastatin (Zocor). It's a very controversial drug. The reason it's controversial isn't about safety but about efficacy. Although Vytorin has been out there for a while, evidence hasn't really developed to show that it's better than a statin alone; clinical studies have not demonstrated a greater reduction in the risk of heart attack or stroke with Vytorin compared with a statin alone. Therefore, many physicians prescribe Zocor alone as an alternative to Vytorin.

For patients needing more cholesterol reduction than simvastatin provides, there are two more potent statins, Lipitor and Crestor, but these are not available as generics, so they cost more. However, for some people with very high cholesterol levels, a statin may not get the job done. They might actually need Zetia on top of a more potent statin.

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