4 Exercise Complex Routines You Can Do Anywhere

An exercise complex is a form of high intensity interval training. Here’s how to get started.


If you've never heard of an exercise complex before, you might be thinking, "I hate exercise as it is. Why would I want to do something that's intentionally complex?"

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Either way – an exercise complex is probably not what you're expecting.

An exercise complex is a circuit of exercises where you use one weight and/or piece of equipment so you can easily flow from one exercise to the next. It's considered a form of high intensity interval training, which many trainers will tell you is one of the most efficient and effective types of training out there – especially if you're not into super-long gym sessions.

So really, exercise complex routines are quite simple. The irony!

There are several benefits to exercise complex routines:

1. Build strength

2. Build muscular endurance

3. Increase neuromuscular conditioning (aka coordination and how your brain communicates with your muscles)

4. Boost metabolism

5. They're extremely efficient

Here are four exercise complex routines you can do anywhere. The only equipment is a set of dumb bells for three of the four. No. 2 requires a kettlebell, and I do not recommend this routine unless you're already experienced with kettlebells and can perform a single arm swing and a kettlebell clean with good form.

Routine No. 1: Squat, Lunge, Row, Curl

Routine No. 2: Kettlebell Complex

Routine No. 3: Core Complex

Routine No. 4: Lunge Complex

If you're a beginner you may want to try this with no or low weights, and work your way up to increasing weight. If you're intermediate to advanced and want to ramp up the challenge, I give suggestions in the videos for which rep max to use to select your load.

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Liz DiAlto is a fitness and lifestyle coach, speaker and sought-after fitness personality. She's on a mission to help millions of women across the globe get the bodies and lifestyles they crave.

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