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New blog serves up diet, fitness, and nutrition advice that’s easy to digest and put into practice


Like an archeologist excavating for clues or a kid shaking his Magic 8 ball to see what turns up, we countlessly click our cursors, rummaging for answers to real questions about our health and well-being: the best treatment for our ailments, how to eat well on a budget, or whether our kids will consume more than mac 'n cheese.

And yet, at a time when we can access more information than ever before, we struggle to find the right information, to separate the facts from the fads. That's where U.S. News comes in.

This company follows a different model, rooted in a historic mission of service journalism. We coined the phrase, "News You Can Use," and it undergirds everything we do—whether it's rankings of the best in education, healthcare, and diets, or bringing you trusted advice from today's leading thinkers. Bottom line: We want you to thrive.

Toward that end, U.S. News's Health and Wellness team is serving up a new dish: "Eat+Run." A blog featuring experts in diet and fitness, Eat+Run will bring you fresh ideas to chew on. Our bloggers' opinions are their own, of course. But we've sought out contributors who are considered thought leaders and innovators in these fields. Here, you'll find principles that rise above the proverbial flash in a pan, and plenty of practical advice to put into practice. Stop by for a hearty helping of news and analysis, and don't worry. Portions will come sensibly sized.

We wish you the very best in your journey to good health, and we are determined to help you in that quest.

Follow us on Twitter at @eatandrunUSN or write to us at: eatandrun@usnews.com.

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