Managing the Costs of Long-Term Care

Experts give advice about how to pay for care as you age.

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U.S. News will release its Best Nursing Homes ratings this February. The ratings, which include nearly every nursing facility in the United States, offer users a consumer-friendly, searchable database designed to highlight homes that are most likely to meet their needs.

More than 3 million Americans will live in a nursing home in any given year. Nursing home care and other long-term care options are costly. U.S. News partnered with experts in senior health and financial planning to hold a live Twitter chat that explored families' options for covering the costs of long-term care. Experts discussed long-term care insurance, price differences among various types of long-term care, how seniors can age at home, and the emotional and financial costs of becoming a caregiver.

The chat's participants sent 981 tweets during the course of the discussion.

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