What the Economy Holds for Health Care Careers

Experts discussed changes in health care and how to prepare for a job in the industry.


Health care has, for decades, been a stable and profitable career choice. But health care reform, changes in reimbursement methods, government cuts to health care and hospital debt are predicted to upend the health care economy. Hospitals are cutting costs and shrinking their workforce. Meanwhile, certain fields — such as primary care and nursing — face significant staffing shortages. How will this era of accelerating change impact hiring and career planning? How can someone planning career in health care anticipate and adapt to these rapid changes?

To further the conversation and offer a consumers’ guide to these issues, U.S. News Health partnered with U.S. News Careers to hold a live Twitter chat about careers in medicine. Experts discussed challenges and rewards of a medical career, trends in health care employment, how the health care workplace will change under Obamacare and which jobs have the greatest potential for growth.

The chat's participants sent 778 tweets during the course of the discussion.