Changes in Health Care Policy, Payments Transforming Hospitals

U.S. News held a Twitter chat with experts to discuss how hospitals are tackling challenges in delivery and care.

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The Affordable Care Act, cuts to Medicare, lack of Medicaid expansion in some states and hospital debts are transforming the U.S. hospital model. Faced with lower budgets and payment models that increasingly reward hospitals for high-value care rather than the volume of services they provide, hospitals are seeking to cut costs by turning to technology, prevention, personalized medicine and alternate settings for treatment. 

These and other topics will be discussed at U.S. News & World Report's inaugural Hospital of Tomorrow event, scheduled for this Nov. 4-6 in Washington, D.C. The forum will gather top health care executives and leading health care innovators who will address the most complex issues facing America's hospitals in 2014. These include the real impact of the Affordable Care Act and hospital executives' expectations for the rollout of new technologies and business practices.

To begin the conversation prior to the Hospital of Tomorrow event, U.S. News held a Twitter chat on "The Future of Hospitals: Their Challenges, Changes and Solutions." 

The chat's 391 participants, including members of the U.S. News staff, sent 1,064 tweets during the course of the discussion.