Ashton Kutcher’s Fruitarian Diet: What Went Wrong?

Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized after eating only fruit for one month. We examine why.

PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 25: Actor Ashton Kutcher attends the 'jOBS' Premiere during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival at Eccles Center Theatre on January 25, 2013 in Park City, Utah.

Meanwhile, the Woodstock Fruit Festival—a weeklong event in August—has extended an open invite to Kutcher. "As far as I know, from my extensive experience in the fruitarian community, no one has died or come down with an illness related to a fruit diet,"Arnstein says. "We'd really like Ashton to consider coming." The festival, which is in its third year, has seen significant growth, and more than 700 fruitarians are expected to attend this year.

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While the debate will undoubtedly rage on, experts warn that the fruitarian diet is simply too extreme. "There is no one magic bullet—no magic food or food group that will keep us healthy," Jackson Blatner says. "Variety is more than the spice of life. It's the basis of optimal health."