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Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: How to choose. Plus, the glycemic index, ungarnished

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With that in mind, I write today to ungarnish the glycemic index.

Some weeks back, I provided an overview of the glycemic index and the glycemic load (for the differences between them, please refer to my prior column). Since then, these terms have appeared numerous times in both the scientific literature and pop-culture publications. A Google News search retrieves dozens of references in the past month alone.

Given the preoccupation with all things glycemic, the topic deserves some additional consideration here, too—but this time, as pledged, totally ungarnished. Let's just talk about what we all should and shouldn't do with these glycemic metrics.

DO NOT use them as a reason to jettison any fruits or vegetables from your diet. In 20 years of clinical care, I have yet to meet a single patient who can legitimately blame obesity or diabetes on eating too much produce of any variety. [Read more: The Glycemic Index, Ungarnished]

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