Health Buzz: Pacemaker Powered By Heartbeat, Not Batteries

Try one of these quirky stress-busters; 10 tips to survive the season of gluttony

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1. Pay attention to hunger cues: One of the biggest sources of extra calories during this time of year comes from mindless munching and overeating. You can solve both these issues with one simple technique: Eat when you are pleasantly hungry and stop when you are comfortably full.

2. Be a food snob: We're presented with so many food and beverage options, but not all of them are worth splurging on. Do you find yourself drinking eggnog just because it's that time of the year—even though you don't really like it? Ditch that habit and save the calories for something you really love.

3. Create "food-free" zones: Take stock of some of the hot spots in your life for mindless eating—maybe it's in your car, in front of the TV, or from the candy dish in your work conference room. Try to clean up that habit by declaring it a "food-free" zone. [Read more: 10 Tips to Survive the Season of Gluttony]

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