Health Buzz: More People Under 55 Suffering Strokes

Take action for heart health; quick and easy healthy lunch tips


What was in my lunch bag? Hummus, sliced turkey, romaine lettuce, and red grapes.

How did I decide on this assortment? In my mad rush to work a few mornings ago, I threw lettuce leaves, hummus, and sliced turkey in a bag. Like many people, I always keep lettuce and some form of lean deli meat in the fridge. I like to buy organic sliced turkey, like the Applegate brand, for a lean, low-calorie source of high-quality protein that is nitrite free. The grapes were an afterthought—my kids love them—so my home is always stocked with them. I figured I'd want something to complement the turkey, lettuce, and hummus, since it was a fairly basic lunch. This is often what I do when I am pressed for time. I just throw a bunch of ingredients in a bag and assemble them at work. Preassembled wraps usually fall apart anyway when I'm rummaging around in my bag for my Metrocard or sunglasses. [Read more: Quick and Healthy Lunch Tips]

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