College Fitness: 5 Tips for Staying in Shape

The Freshman 15 is not inevitable—learn how to fight it.


In Pictures: Nutrition Tips for College Students

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For working out in a small space, such as a dorm room, Baage suggests using a resistance band. (They're sold at Target, Walmart, and most major retailers.) With a resistance band, which is ultimately an oversized rubber band that sometimes has handles, "you can do squats, lunges, bicep extensions, bicep curls—you can do everything," she says.

A stability ball—a large, inflatable, rubber ball—can also help students work their abs and other muscles, as sitting on the round surface requires balance. "You could be sitting in front of your computer, and by sitting on the ball instead of the chair," she says, "you're working on your core at the same time."

Walk the campus. 

"Students should try to walk as much of their campus as they can," says Stanforth. Whenever possible, she suggests forgoing the ride to class or cross-campus bus service, and walking to classes instead.

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Another simple, everyday fitness tip from Stanford: Take the stairs in classroom buildings instead of the elevator. "Build those routine levels of activity," she says, "All those calories add up."