How To Make Love Last

Marriage help: Lessons from Hope Springs, an alternate fairy tale.

Kay Soames (MERYL STREEP) and Arnold Soames (TOMMY LEE JONES) in Columbia Pictures' HOPE SPRINGS.

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Remember that relationships take work and can work. "Most couples assume that their passion and their love for each other will carry them forward through the years, and that's a mistake," Kingsberg says. "Although it sounds paradoxical that you have to work for romance and passion, it's what works," she says.

For Weiner-Davis's part, she's confident that even distant couples can rekindle their romance. "We know so much about how to heal medical issues, how to fix relationship problems and personal issues," she says. "There really is no reason why anyone wanting a more robust sex life can't have one...Desire is a decision."

Vanessa Taylor would agree.

Clarified on 08/13/2012: An earlier version of this story used only part of Michele Weiner-Davis' hyphenated surname in several instances.