Wondrous Ways That Water Can Improve Your Health

H20 does more for your body than just quench thirst.


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7. Water is Better Than the Alternatives

Water has zero calories and a host of benefits. Sure, you can be hydrated from sources like milk, soda, or tea, but, according to the Mayo Clinic, "Water is still your best bet because it's calorie-free, inexpensive, and readily available."

But even if you're not trying to cut calories, swapping water for soda can still have a positive effect on your health. Just look at the ingredient list on almost any brand of cola and you're likely to find chemicals such as phosphoric acid (shown to lower bone density in a study conducted by researchers at Tufts University) and caramel color (a carcinogenic substance that the Center for Science in the Public Interest tried to convince the FDA to ban). In other words, regardless of what size your waistline is, water makes for a healthy beverage choice. Period.

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