Signs Your Child Could Have Autism

The CDC says that one in 88 children has autism. Could your child be one of them?


At Four Years

By now telling stories and singing songs from memory should be a cinch for your child, and following instructions with more than one step should come naturally. Cognitive abilities usually include being able to turn pages of a book, open doors, catch a ball (some of the time), draw shapes, and count. Your child should also be able to communicate with his or her peers and jump at the chance to do so. At this age, it's important not to mistake shyness for your child's inability to handle his or herself in social situations. But if you notice your child struggling to relate to familiar children by sharing toys, playing make-believe games, or carrying on simple conversations, talk to your pediatrician.

To learn more about picking up signs of autism, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website.

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