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10 ways to ease menopause symptoms; cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia

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Researchers Create Stem Cells From Fat

Researchers have discovered a way to make a type of stem cell from fat removed during liposuction surgery, Scientific American reports. A team of cardiologists and plastic surgeons at Stanford University transformed immature fat cells into induced pluripotent stem cells or iPS cells, a type of stem cell that mimics embryonic stem cells—which can become about any tissue in the body. IPS cells are usually made from skin cells, but fat cells may be easier for scientists to use; the researchers found they could make immature fat cells into iPS cells twice as fast as they could using an immature type of skin cell and with 20 times the efficiency, according to Scientific American. Their findings are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Learn which diseases stem cells mightor might notcure, a list of 10 that includes heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. Find out why embryonic stem cells are obsolete and why iPS cells may have the greatest potential to advance new treatments.

10 Ways to Ease Those Menopause Symptoms

Hormone therapy has been dethroned as the best way to adjust to menopause, a transition period that ranges from a few symptom-free months to six or more life-disrupting years. While some women are simply toughing it out, others are trying numerous approaches, many nonmedical, to manage their hot flashes, sleep disruptions, headaches, and mood swings. U.S. News contributor Kerry Hannon offers 10 strategies that can help you adjust to menopause smoothly.

Exercise is among Hannon's tips. Many women find that working out for an hour three or more times a week provides relief from hot flashes, though researchers haven't been able to document this in studies. Aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming, dancing, and bicycling are good options, Hannon writes. Staying active also reduces stress and staves off the blues, both of which can result from hot flashes. What's more, it builds muscle and may reduce bone loss and fractures, which become more common as estrogen production falls. Read more.

Read why shorter menopause may lead to heart disease and why early menopause could double your risk of stroke.

Suffer From Insomnia? Try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Anyone with a TV has probably seen the Lunesta moth, fluttering from house to house, bringing sleep to restless insomniacs. Makers of Lunesta, Ambien CR, and Rozerem spent just shy of $300 million last year to publicize their products on TV, radio, and the Web and in print, according to TNS Media Intelligence, a company that tracks advertising. What consumers don't see marketed is an insomnia treatment that evidence suggests is equally if not more effective: cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, U.S. News's Lindsay Lyon reports.

Seventy to 80 percent of people with chronic insomnia—persistent difficulty in falling or staying asleep—seem to benefit significantly from a treatment course of CBT, experts say. And the gains have been shown to last for years after sessions end. Prescription sleep aids can help summon sleep in the short term, but once people stop taking the medication, they tend to backslide, Lyon writes. The cognitive component of the therapy helps alter unhelpful attitudes and beliefs that cause anxiety, arouse the body, and make sleep difficult. Read more.

Can't sleep? Here are 9 things you can do if you're battling insomnia, and learn why insomnia shouldn't be ignored. Experts say problems sleeping can be overcome, so consider these 10 ways to get better sleep.

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