28 Weight-Loss Products Containing Unlisted Drugs

Prescription medicines are in the pills but not on the labels, the FDA says.

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The Food and Drug Administration recently identified 28 weight-loss products sold in the United States that contain prescription-only medicines. These drugs aren't listed on the products' labels, so consumers could have been unwittingly putting themselves at risk by using these products. Here are the four active ingredients the FDA found and the weight-loss products that contained each of them.

This drug is a powerful appetite suppressant found in the prescription drug Meridia. It should be used only under a doctor's supervision because it can cause heart attacks, strokes, and heart palpitations, particularly in those with a history of high blood pressure or heart problems.

Weight-loss products containing sibutramine:

  • 2 Day Diet
  • 3 Day Diet
  • 3x Slimming Power
  • 5x Imelda
  • Perfect Slimming
  • 7 Diet Day/Night Formula
  • 7 Day Herbal Slim
  • 8 Factor Diet
  • 24 Hours Diet
  • 999 Fitness
  • EssenceExtrim Plus
  • Fatloss Slimming
  • GMPImelda
  • Perfect Slim
  • Lida Dai
  • Daihua Miaozi
  • Slim Capsules
  • Perfect Slim
  • Perfect Slim
  • 5xProSlim
  • PlusRoyal Slimming Formula
  • Slim 3 in 1 Slim
  • Express 360Slim
  • Tech SomotrimSuperslimTriple SlimVenom Hyperdrive 3.0 Zhen de Shou

It's the active ingredient used in the experimental obesity drug Acomplia, which was taken out of consideration for FDA approval after it was linked to nervous system problems. It is a strong appetite suppressant.

Weight-loss product containing rimonabant:

  • Phyto Shape

It's an antiseizure medication also known as Dilantin. It's a known appetite suppressant but can cause strong drops in blood sugar that can be dangerous for diabetics. It also causes sedation and clouded thinking.

Weight-loss products containing phenytoin (trace):

  • 3x Slimming PowerExtrim Plus

This possible carcinogen was used in over-the-counter laxatives before it was identified as toxic.

Weight-loss products containing phenolphthalein:

  • 8 Factor Diet
  • 24 Hours Diet
  • Fatloss Slimming
  • Imelda Perfect Slim
  • Perfect Slim
  • 5xRoyal Slimming Formula
  • Superslim
  • Zhen de Shou

Source: Food and Drug Administration