13 Smart Questions and Quick Answers About Medical Tourism

What you need to know before deciding to travel abroad for healthcare.

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The best defense is a good offense. International patients should focus on success rates, accreditation, and other quality-assurance measures that help to mitigate the chances of complications that would trigger legal claims. Here's another good rule of thumb: If legal recourse is a primary concern in making your health travel decision, you probably shouldn't head abroad for medical treatment.

13. Can I Finance My Treatment? Increasingly, established hospitals abroad and some health travel agents offer financing plans in the form of loans or delayed payment. Ask your agent or clinic for details. Most hospitals, clinics, and health travel brokers accept credit cards, but many charge an additional fee to cover their processing costs. Ask beforehand.

Nearly all hotels, restaurants, retailers, and businesses abroad happily accept major credit cards. Automatic teller machines are common in most cities and towns, and it's fun to watch your cash come out in an unfamiliar currency.

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