Health Buzz: Maltreated Infants and Other Health News

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More than 90,000 American Infants Maltreated

The findings in a new and disheartening federal study show that more than 90,000 infants in the United States, or approximately 1 in 43 babies, are victims of abuse or neglect. Nearly 30,000 infants, particularly, are victims in the first week of life. For most of these babies, the maltreatment was in the form of neglect, which is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as failing to receive basic physical and emotional needs.

The report, released by the CDC, was calculated using data from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System.

Wal-Mart Rethinks Its Move on Deborah Shank

Wal-Mart bought itself a passel of bad publicity recently when it tried to recover its medical costs for a former shelf stocker who suffered brain damage in a car crash and then received a $1 million settlement. But consumers should be aware that this isn't just a meanie tactic that the company dreamed up on its own. Chances are this could happen to any of us.

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Increasing Spending to Fight AIDs

The House of Representatives voted yesterday to increase HIV/AIDS funding for a popular international program. The authorization of $50 billion over five years is aimed at combating an epidemic that has killed an estimated 20 million worldwide. The package also includes funding to fight malaria and tuberculosis.

Paternity Test Hits Drugstores Nationwide

These days you can get just about anything at the drugstore: dental floss, pantyhose--and now paternity tests. Yes, On Parenting columnist Nancy Shute writes, DNA testing has come to your local pharmacy.