Middlesboro ARH Hospital

Stats & Services

General Information

Operated by: Not-for-profit
Hospital type: General medical and surgical
Number of Beds: 96
Parent system: Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc.


Admissions: 2,922
Inpatient surgeries: 418
Outpatient visits: 57,728
Emergency room visits: 22,666
Births: 336
Number of Beds: 96

Services Provided


  • Birthing room
  • Heart catheterization—diagnostic (adult)*
  • Heart surgery (adult)*
  • Infection isolation room
  • Heart catheterization—treatment (adult)*
  • Neonatal intermediate care*
  • Cancer services*


  • Breast cancer screening/mammograms
  • Chemotherapy*
  • Dental services
  • Heart catheterization—diagnostic (adult)*
  • Home health services
  • Heart catheterization—treatment (adult)*
  • Chemotherapy*
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Women's health center
  • Wound management services

Patient/Family Support Services

  • Help with government services
  • Chaplaincy/pastoral care services
  • Cancer services*
  • Patient representative/ombusdman

Community Outreach

  • Health fairs
  • Health screenings

Imaging Services (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)

  • CT scanner
  • Diagnostic radioisotope facility
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Multislice spiral CT
  • Single photon emission CT
  • Ultrasound

* At another location in healthcare system or through arrangement with another provider.

Employed Staff

Full Time

Physicians and dentists*: 6
Registered nurses: 50
Licensed practical nurses: 22
Faculty Personnel: NA

Part Time

Physicians and dentists*: 3
Registered nurses: 4
Licensed practical nurses: 0
Faculty Personnel: NA

* At many hospitals, physicians and dentists are not on staff. They are paid as faculty by a medical school or through other arrangements

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Data last updated June 2014

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