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The leading respiratory hospital for well over a century, US News has ranked National Jewish Health the number one respiratory hospital in the nation for 15 of the past 16 years. Our approach puts the patient first and combines compassionate patient care, collaborative research, education and outreach to improve lives while advancing the frontiers of medicine. Our experts in respiratory, cardiology, lung cancer, immune and related diseases break new ground each and every day in their search for improved prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Our history is rich in caring, leadership and innovation. In 1899 National Jewish Health was the first institution in the nation with the primary goal of providing free care to indigent tuberculosis patients and restoring their health. Patients came looking for and finding hope, help and healing. Patients continue to come to National Jewish Health because we make the difference — we find the answers and we help improve quality of life. Our mission then and now is to heal, discover and educate as a preeminent health care institution. Patient care, education, research and innovation have been our cornerstones and have lead to our inclusion on lists of top hospitals and awards for top physicians and researchers as well as scientific advancements and discoveries.

Focus on Patients

At National Jewish Health, we treat every patient as if he or she is our only patient. Each patient at National Jewish Health is offered access to a team of specialists who work together to provide the best possible care. This team includes physicians, nurses, behavioral health providers, nutritionists, rehabilitation specialists, educators and many others. Each care team develops an individualized plan for diagnosis, treatment and education that addresses each patient’s needs — emotional, nutritional, rehabilitation and disease-management issues, as well as extensive patient and family education. Our comprehensive, customized health plans and education successfully treat patients and teach them to manage and live with illness.

Where other hospitals just treat a disease, we treat the whole-person.

Advanced Technology

In addition to their own expertise, our physicians and staff take advantage of the most recent research, the most advanced diagnostic tools and cutting-edge interventions to help their patients. We also create advanced ways to diagnose and treat conditions that are used by providers around the world.

Personalized Medicine

The spirit of innovation thrives at National Jewish Health, where the future holds promise for dramatically improved medical care. As medicine increasingly becomes truly preventive rather than reactive, genetic information will be used to customize detection, treatment and prevention at the individual level.

National Jewish Health leads the field by taking an institution-wide approach to personalized medicine. Teams of researchers and clinicians from across disciplines collaborate to design projects that integrate basic, translational and clinical research questions. We create and use genetic testing for pinpoint accurate diagnoses and to help determine effective treatments.

Scientists and clinical researchers work closely together to expedite the "bench-to-bedside" process to more quickly and safely bring new developments to patients. The result has been a century of success in the care and research of the diseases we treat, and a future that promises continuing help for those in need. "Science Transforming Life" is not just a slogan at National Jewish Health, it is our promise.

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Services & Special Capabilities

  • Respiratory Diseases: As the top respiratory hospital, we have world-class respiratory physicians and scientists who diagnose and treat all conditions related to breathing—from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis and lung cancer to rarer diseases such as autoimmune lung diseases, interstitial lung disease, sarcoidosis and bronchiolitis obliterans.
  • Infectious Diseases: National Jewish Health opened in 1889 as a tuberculosis sanatorium and continues that tradition today as a tertiary referral center for drug-resistant tuberculosis. In addition to being the most recognized hospital for diagnosing and treating infectious disease, we also educate more physicians and scientists about tuberculosis. National Jewish Health also has top specialists for nontuberculous mycobacterial infections (NTM) and HIV.
  • Allergy and Immunology: National Jewish Health offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for allergies and immune-system conditions, including hay fever, asthma, food allergies, eczema and immune deficiencies.
  • Cardiology: We evaluate and treat heart and lung conditions such as coronary artery disease, dyspnea, shortness of breath with exercise, sarcoidosis of the heart, diastolic dysfunction and secondary pulmonary hypertension.
  • Sleep Disorders: National Jewish Health offers a nationally accredited sleep program to diagnose and treat patients with respiratory and non-respiratory sleep disorders.
  • Psychological Health: Our pediatric and adult behavioral health professionals teach patients how to take charge of their lives and cope with the psychosocial problems associated with chronic medical illnesses.
  • Minimally Invasive Diagnostic Center: Our Fellowship-Trained Interventional Pulmonologist uses the most advanced technology available to perform many diagnostic and therapeutic minimally invasive procedures that expedite the diagnostics and treatments, enhance accuracy and prevent the need for invasive chest surgery.
  • Institute for Advanced Biomedical Imaging: Nationally recognized radiologists use the most advanced technologies available to produce and interpret extremely detailed images, which help diagnose patients and guide their care.
  • Lung Cancer Center: Offers early, accurate and expeditious diagnosis and staging (with the latest technology), the full spectrum of treatment options, molecularly targeted drugs, and aggressive ongoing surveillance.
  • Pulmonary Physiology services: Our pulmonary physiology services are among the largest, most advanced pulmonary-function laboratories in the country, and provide comprehensive diagnostic testing of heart and lung functions.
  • Rehabilitation: Our physical, occupational and massage therapists help improve patients’ endurance, independence and quality of life.
  • LungLine® is an award-winning free telephonic line staffed with respiratory nurses to answer questions about National Jewish Health and the diseases we treat.
  • QuitLine® is our tobacco cessation program that is available in 10 states. It has helped more than 650,000 people quit smoking and hosts one of the highest rates for keeping people smoke-free.

Awards & Recognitions

  • #1 Respiratory Hospital in the U.S.: Since 1998, U.S. News & World Report has ranked National Jewish Health the best respiratory hospital in the nation fifteen out of the last sixteen years.
  • High Impact Research: According to Thomson Scientific, National Jewish Health ranks among the world's most influential research institutions in the fields of immunology, molecular biology, genetics, biology and biochemistry. Rankings are based on citations per paper published.
  • Top Doctors: Many of our physicians are consistently named among the best physicians in the nation, including lists published to USA Today and America's Top Doctors. Locally, many of our physicians are continually voted as "Top Docs" in the 5280 Magazine Top Docs issue.

Scientific Advancements

  • IgE the molecule responsible for allergic reactions
  • The T-cell Receptor Gene, critical to immune response
  • The Food Challenge, used worldwide for the treatment of food allergies
  • Combined chemotherapy for tuberculosis
  • New vaccine to slow the growth of cancer
  • New gene discovery related to familial pulmonary fibrosis

More Information

Billing & Insurance

National Jewish Health works with most health plans and is "in-network" for millions of people. Our website provides a list of accepted plans, or you can contact Customer Service at your health insurance company for the details of your policy.

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Request an Appointment

Our nurses are available to answer your questions about making an appointment and to discuss care options available at National Jewish Health. 1-877-CALL-NJH (877-225-5654) or you can also ask a question and make an appointment online.

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Visitor Information

Your patient experience is important to us and we want your visit to Denver to be as easy, affordable and comfortable as possible. We are well-acquainted with questions that arise in making travel arrangements. A Patient Representative is available to assist patients and families with special concerns.

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Departments & Services

At National Jewish Health, we seek to transform patient care from reactive to being both proactive and personalized. This helps us predict, prevent, and detect diseases and intervene early to keep people health before illness interrupts their lives.

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