Vegan Diet Recipes

What You'll Eat

Going vegan means dropping all animal products—meat, fish, even dairy. It’s up to you to shape a nutritionally-sound diet based on fruits, veggies, leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Each day, you’ll aim for 6 servings of grains; 5 servings of legumes, nuts, and other types of protein, like tofu; 4 servings of veggies; 2 servings of fruit; and 2 servings of healthy fats. With some creativity and work, you can find ways to continue eating your favorites. Try vegan cupcakes made without butter, eggs, and albumin, for example. Though restaurant meals are possible, dining out is a challenge, so prepare for lots of time in the kitchen.

Recipe Resources

The internet is flooded with vegan recipe resources, and there are plenty of helpful cookbooks, too. You won’t have a problem finding meal ideas and guidance online or in print. Here are a few resources:

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