5 Weight-Loss Tricks That Don’t Involve Dieting or (Much) Exercise

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Besides the stock “eat right and exercise” advice, these tactics may help you shed some pounds

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The advice for losing those stubborn extra pounds seems so simple: Eat less, and exercise more. But as anyone who's ever tried to lose a few pounds knows, putting that advice into practice is very tough. Cut back on calories too much, and you're overwhelmed by hunger and your metabolism may slow. Exercise like crazy, and the hunger pangs you feel a few hours later may trigger you to eat back all you've burned off—and then some.

Aren't there any research-based tricks that help you slim down without going on an extreme diet or exercise regimen? U.S. News spoke with Adriane Fugh-Berman, an associate professor of pharmacology and physiology at Georgetown University School of Medicine, to find out. Click to the next slide to see what she recommends.

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