Paleo Diet Recipes

What You'll Eat

If the cavemen ate it, you can too. Chow down on a cold pork chop for a mid-day snack, if you want, or feast on 12 ounces of Atlantic salmon for breakfast. Paleo diet menus are stuffed with meat, fish, poultry, plants, and fruit, and traditionally absent of any refined sugar, dairy, legumes, and grains (this is pre-agricultural revolution, after all).

If that sounds too restrictive, many programs based on Paleo principles allow for a dash of modern condiments, like dressing and salsa, and drinks, like coffee and the occasional beer. They may even permit you to cheat a couple times a week, to keep you on the wagon.

Food prep stays simple: Cook the meat, steam the veggies, toss together the salad. Cavemen didn't (or, rather, couldn't) add fancy seasonings or sauces; you needn't either.

Recipe Resources

If you're sticking to the most traditional Paleo approach, you won't need many recipes at all. But if you want more variety, you'll find plenty of free recipes online—many of them from the authors of popular Paleo plans or cookbooks. Here are several:

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