Laurence Sperling M.D.

Laurence Sperling

Laurence S. Sperling, is the founder and director of preventive cardiology at the Emory Clinic, and codirector of the cardiovascular disease fellowship program at Emory. He is a professor of medicine (Cardiology) at the Emory University School of Medicine. He was awarded the American College of Cardiology Harry B. Graf Career Development Award for Heart Disease Prevention and the American Heart Association Council on Clinical Cardiology Scholarship for Physical Activity and Public Health in 2001. 

Sperling is originally from New York. He received his undergraduate degree from Emory College where he was accepted into Emory University School of Medicine’s early acceptance program as a college sophomore. He graduated with his M.D. in 1989, and subsequently completed eight additional years of training at Emory, including a residency in internal medicine, chief resident year at Emory University Hospital, a National Institutes of Health-supported research fellowship in molecular and vascular medicine, and a clinical fellowship in cardiovascular diseases.

Sperling serves or has served as medical director for a number of unique programs at Emory, including the HeartWise Risk Reduction Program, InterVent Atlanta, Staying Aloft, and has served as special consultant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He founded (in 2004) and directs the first and only LDL apheresis program in the state of Georgia. He has been voted one of America’s and Atlanta’s Top Doctors and appears often on local and national TV and radio, and in newspapers and magazines. In 2011, he was chosen as one of 22 national dietary experts by U.S. News and World Report to evaluate America’s popular diets.

He has received awards for excellence in both teaching (including 3 Golden Apple Awards) and mentorship. He was chosen by the Dean at Emory University School of Medicine to be among the first faculty society advisors for the school’s new curriculum.  He served as associate director of the cardiovascular fellowship training program at Emory for over a decade. He has been an investigator in a number of important clinical trials including JUPITER, COURAGE, and BARI-2D, and has authored over 100 manuscripts, abstracts, and book chapters.  He is co-editor of the American College of Cardiology’s Diabetes Self Assessment Program.

Sperling has been a marathon runner having completed the New York, Prague, and Atlanta marathons. In 2010, he ran the original course from Marathon to Athens, Greece to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of this event. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Sidney, and 2 sons, Mathew and Daniel.

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