Cookie Diet Recipes

What You'll Eat

On Dr. Siegal’s “10X” Cookie Diet plan, you’ll eat one or two specially-made “hunger-controlling” cookies every two hours, for a total of nine a day. Varieties include cinnamon oatmeal, chocolate brownie, or maple granola.

You’re also allowed one “real” food meal per day. The options are endless, as long as you don’t exceed 500 to 700 calories. An official Cookie Diet cookbook suggests everything from chicken pot pie to moo shu pork.

If nine cookies sounds excessive, there’s the “classic” track, featuring cookies with more calories. You’ll eat no more than six a day, and only when hunger strikes. Available in blueberry, banana, coconut, and other flavors, they differ slightly in texture and taste from the 10X variety. You still supplement with the homemade meal.

Sick of cookies? Trade two for one of Siegal’s appetite-blunting shakes. Vanilla, chocolate, and crème brulée are among the flavors.

Recipe Resources

When recipe hunting, you’re not bound to any specific cookbook or website. These sources all give ideas for your daily 500- to 700-calorie meal:

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