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Here's a typical day on the “10X” Cookie Diet. The 500- to 700-calorie prepared meal can vary, and can come at any point in the day.

8 a.m.

2 10X chocolate brownie cookies

10 a.m.

1 10X chocolate brownie cookie

12 p.m.

1 10X chocolate brownie cookie

2 p.m.

2 10X chocolate brownie cookies

4 p.m.

1 10X chocolate brownie cookie

6 p.m.

1 10X chocolate brownie cookie

8 p.m.

Prepared meal—cheesy chicken casserole

10 p.m.

1 10X chocolate brownie cookie


Here’s a breakdown of the nutritional content of a day on the Cookie Diet following the above menu (nine cookies a day supplemented with one “real” meal of 500 to 700 calories), alongside recommendations from the government’s 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Diet figures were provided by Siegal. Parenthetical amounts for potassium, calcium, and vitamins B-12 and D represent the day’s food plus contributions from the daily, company-provided multivitamin.

Cookie Diet Recommended
Calories 1,032 Women Men
21-25: 2,000
26-50: 1,800
51+: 1,600
21-40: 2,400
41-60: 2,200
61+: 2,000
Total Fat 32% 20%-35%
     Saturated 10% Less than 10%
     Trans 0% N/A
Total Carbohydrates 53% 45%-65%
(total except as noted)
19% N/A
     Fiber 9.7 g. Women Men
19-30: 28 g.
31-50: 25 g.
51+: 22 g.
19-30: 34 g.
31-50: 31 g.
51+: 28 g.
Protein 15% 10%-35%
Sodium 1,151 mg. Under 2,300 mg., under 1,500 mg. for 51+
Potassium 763 mg.
(843 mg.)
At least 4,700 mg.
Calcium 458 mg.
(620 mg.)
19-50: 1,000 mg.
51+: 1,200 mg.
Vitamin B-12 .9 mcg.
(6.9 mcg.)
2.4 mcg.
Vitamin D 1.5 mcg.
(11.5 mcg.)
15 mcg.

Recommendations apply to adults 19 and older except as noted. Recommended calories assume a sedentary lifestyle. g.: grams. mg.: milligrams. mcg.: micrograms. Because of rounding, protein, fat, and carbohydrate content may not add up to 100 percent.

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