Atkins Diet Recipes

What You'll Eat

Protein- and fat-rich foods are in; carbs are out. In the first weeks you’ll feast almost exclusively on carb-free fare like meat, fish and shellfish, chicken, and eggs, though low-carb veggies are permitted. As you move through the “phases,” you’ll gradually reacquaint yourself with more carbs—a slice of bread, perhaps, a splash of dairy, a handful of nuts, some fruit or legumes.

The form these foods take is up to you. You’ve got many cuisine options—from Mexican to Italian to Asian—at your disposal, as well as the guidance of a handful of Atkins-endorsed chefs. And for those who think a stove just takes up valuable space, Atkins sells a line of low-carb bars and shakes.

Recipe Resources

Atkins books and the company’s official website are indispensible, but if you want more variety, low-carb recipe websites, blogs, and discussion forums abound. Here are several popular sources:

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