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Rankings & Research

Rankings & Research

U.S. News reviewed hospitals, nursing homes, health plans, diets, and doctors to help you make informed health decisions for yourself and your family.
Best Hospitals

Best Hospitals

We've evaluated nearly 5,000 hospitals in 16 adult and 10 pediatric specialties to help you choose.
Doctor Finder

Doctor Finder

We have comprehensive listings of doctors and specialists throughout the country. Find the best one for you.
Best Medicare Plans

Best Medicare Plans

Find information on Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Part D plans, and how to save money on your health care.
Best Diets

Best Diets

Find out which diets fit with your lifestyle and may work best for you.
Top Recommended Health Products

Top Recommended Health Products

Pharmacist recommendations for 151 categories, from antacids to cough suppressants.

Health & Wellness

Migraines and Kids: How to Cope

The headache disorder affects 1 in 10 kids from toddlers to teens.

4 Ways to Prevent Huge Medical Bills

You can help control your own health care costs – you just have to know where to start.

The HPV Vaccine's Power to Prevent Cancer

Experts are concerned that less than 50 percent of the target population gets the vaccine.

6 Ancient Treatments Doctors Still Use

Sometimes doctors need to call on ancient techniques to help you feel better.

The Great Potato Debate: Healthy or Not?

Some health conscious folk snub spuds for their high glycemic index, but other experts say there’s more to the story.

Electroconvulsive Therapy: What It Is, How It Works and Who It Helps

The psychiatric treatment electrically induces seizures in patients to relieve severe depression.

When Your Diagnosis Is Osteoporosis

Fragile bones raise fracture risk, so it’s time to build strength and balance.

How to Care for Body Piercings

Doctors advise on how to prepare for your body piercing and stave off infection.

Healthy Fall Eating

10 Fantastic Fall Veggies, and How to Cook Them

No-fail tips for perfectly roasted fall vegetables

5 Seasonal Foods to Enjoy Now – and How to Eat Them

Parsnips, herbs and swiss chard are in season and just waiting to be eaten.

15 Healthy Snacks for Fall

These tasty autumn treats take just a few minutes to prepare.

15 Ways to Have a Healthy Fall

Light the grill, tailgate tactfully and more ways to have your healthiest fall yet.

9 Fall Soup Recipes

Nutrition experts and foodies share their favorite recipes for tasty, healthy seasonal soups.

Healthy Halloween Season Hacks

How to endure the season's junk-food marathon.

Celebrate Pumpkin Season With These Recipes

Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin protein bars – dig in. They’re good for you.

Apples for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Enjoy apples all day long with these recipes, perfect for fall