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Rankings & Research

U.S. News reviewed hospitals, nursing homes, health plans, diets, and doctors to help you make informed health decisions for yourself and your family.
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Doctor Finder

We have comprehensive listings of doctors and specialists throughout the country. Find the best one for you.
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Best Health Plans

Find a top-rated individual or family plan.
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Best Medicare Plans

Find information on Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Part D plans, and how to save money on your health care.
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Best Diets

Find out which diets fit with your lifestyle and may work best for you.
Top Recommended Health Products

Top Recommended Health Products

Pharmacist recommendations for 168 categories, from antacids to cough suppressants.

Health & Wellness

Patient Safety in Children's Hospitals: The Journey to Zero Harm

U.S. children's hospitals are uniting to improve patient safety. Will adult health care follow suit?

Vitamins and Minerals: the Essentials for Women

If you're not getting all the nutrients you need from your diet, start here.

‘Good’ Cholesterol: What’s in a Number?

HDL is the yin to the yang of LDL, but is more always better?

Pain in the Neck: Passing Crick or Chronic Agony?

From ‘text neck’ to whiplash – what you should know.

The Emotional Aftermath of Cancer

PTSD can occur in those who have survived or are being treated for cancer. 

Will Eating at Night Really Make You Gain Weight?

Midnight munching could be sabotaging your waistline.

Developing a Diabetes Game Plan

It's a lot of work, but the first step is getting started – and you can do it.

Staying Safe in the ER

Steps you can take to get the best care and prevent errors in hospital emergency rooms. 

Summer Survival Guide

Ready, Set, Grill: 15 Healthy BBQ Ideas from Nutrition Pros

Fire up the flavor – minus the fat – with these healthy cookout tips.

13 Ways to Help Your Kid Stay Healthy at Overnight Camp

Don't take chances with medication, vaccinate your kids and be honest with camp staff.

Eat Your Red, White and Blue – It's Good for You

Tomatoes, mushrooms and blueberries are just the start.

8 Unusual Grilling Ideas, from Chickpeas to Grilled Lemonade

Try whipping up a batch of grilled lemonade, or slap some popcorn on the grill.

How to Avoid Health Hazards at the Beach

Keep your family safe at the shore this summer by watching out for these common beach hazards.

What's the Best Sunscreen for You?

Pharmacists name Neutrogena the No. 1 sunscreen, but that doesn't mean it provides better sun protection than the rest.

Winning Food Combinations for Summer

Colorful fruit kebabs, berry citrus salads and more ways to stay hydrated and healthy.

How to Exercise in the Heat and What to Do if You Get Sick

Be safe and prepared if you plan to sweat it out in the summer heat.