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Rankings & Research

U.S. News reviewed hospitals, nursing homes, health plans, diets, and doctors to help you make informed health decisions for yourself and your family.
Doctor Finder

Doctor Finder

We have comprehensive listings of doctors and specialists throughout the country. Find the best one for you.
Best Health Plans

Best Health Plans

Find a top-rated individual or family plan.
Best Medicare Plans

Best Medicare Plans

Find information on Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Part D plans, and how to save money on your health care.
Best Diets

Best Diets

Find out which diets fit with your lifestyle and may work best for you.
Top Recommended Health Products

Top Recommended Health Products

Pharmacist recommendations for 168 categories, from antacids to cough suppressants.

Health & Wellness

An Inside Look at Celiac Disease in Children

This is ground zero for "gluten-free." Who the disease affects and how.

Picking Painkillers: Treating What Hurts Without Triggering an Addiction

Patients taking opioids must carefully balance powerful relief against risks of abuse.

What Really Works for Cellulite?

Dermatologists weigh in on treatment options.

Do You Love Your Dog More Than Humans?

Puppy love is real – and usually healthy.

Preparing Your Child for Their Own, or a Relative’s, Hospitalization

A child life program recognizes the unique emotional and developmental needs of children and their families throughout their health care experience. 

Does Online Cognitive Behavior Therapy Work?

For people with mental health problems, computer-based programs can be an effective alternative or addition to face-to-face therapy.

The Best Protein You Can Eat

Don’t just settle for any old protein. Nutrition pros share the healthiest protein-packed foods around.

Hypothyroidism: What It Means for You

Your guide to underactive thyroid – the true 'Low T.'

Best Hospitals

What to Do During a Mental Health Crisis

If a loved one is facing a psychiatric crisis, stay calm – and read on.

Which Practitioner Do I See, and When?

Here's a guide to choosing the right doctor for you and your family.

Best Hospitals 2015-16: Guide to the Terms

The following terms appear in the adult hospital rankings.

When Insurance Denies Your Hospital Upgrade

Appealing might get you into the facility you want.

The Honor Roll of Best Hospitals 2015-16

Massachusetts General returns to the top spot in the 26th annual rankings.

Can Your Community Hospital Handle … This?

Experts help you sort out when to choose a major medical center, and when a local facility is just fine.

FAQ: How and Why We Rate and Rank Hospitals

What’s behind our evaluations of hospitals in complex care, common care and pediatric care.