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Rankings & Research

Rankings & Research

U.S. News reviewed hospitals, nursing homes, health plans, diets, and doctors to help you make informed health decisions for yourself and your family.
Best Hospitals

Best Hospitals

We've evaluated nearly 5,000 hospitals in 16 adult and 10 pediatric specialties to help you choose.
Doctor Finder

Doctor Finder

We have comprehensive listings of doctors and specialists throughout the country. Find the best one for you.
Best Medicare Plans

Best Medicare Plans

Find information on Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Part D plans, and how to save money on your health care.
Best Diets

Best Diets

Find out which diets fit with your lifestyle and may work best for you.
Top Recommended Health Products

Top Recommended Health Products

Pharmacist recommendations for 151 categories, from antacids to cough suppressants.

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